2019 In His Steps Summer Intensive Program

 Students of varied ages will continue their study in classical ballet with a primary focus on an overview from our Summer Intensive 2018 curriculum with a continuation of vocabulary — Level II: Learning The Dictionary of Ballet. Students will break down alphabetically and create a Visual Dictionary of Ballet. Students will be taught, quizzed, and tested each day on what is learned to secure an understanding of this knowledge. Level II: learning the anatomy, physiology, and physics of movement. Many artists are visual learners and this experience will capture that strength of the learner. We will use these tools for visual learning:

Cost per book: $23, $25

Cost per book: $23, $25

The class setting will be small group of students (8 or less) depending on enrollment.

We will incorporate regular barre exercises and newly create choreography (aesthetic movement) along with annotations of anatomy notes. Students will map motion maps to further explain how art and science work together in motion and dance.

Camp Dates

Weeks of August 12th – August 23rd , 2019

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

3:30 – 5:30 pm

Cost of Camp

$600 plus $50 books w/shipping (ordered through studio)

Includes: Class instruction, tights, and choice of in stock leotard.

Each student who participates in this Intensive Camp may set his or her own goal as to specific learning outcomes for him or herself.