Early Afternoon Semi-Private Ballet:  

This class is available by audition or invitation.  This class is 90 minutes long and meets both Monday and Thursday from 2:00 - 3:30 pm.  The class is primary ballet with some repertoire.  


This class is 40 minutes long and is for ages 2 1/2 to 5.  
Preschool is the perfect time to capture the musicality within your child.  The connection of music with movement improves the development of motor skills.  The preschool class will learn the five fundamental positions of the feet and arms, port de bras (carriage of the arms), and an introductory overview of ballet terminology and movement. Our preschool class also engages in creative movement and expressive freestyle.  This class is offered on both Monday and Thursday from 4:00 - 4:45 p.m.  Our preschoolers will be invited to participate in our  2019 Spring production.


This class is 90 minutes long
This is a good place for new and returning students, age five and older to learn the foundation of classical ballet along with other forms of dance (including tap, jazz, and some hip hop).  The class is broken down into 10 minutes of intentional training about stretching and strength, with 40 minutes of classical ballet technique training, using the remaining 10 to 20 minutes for tap and/or jazz.  Please note we do take a short water and snack break after 60 minutes of class.  Students begin to learn stretch and strength & barre exercises, centre work, and across the floor work in demi-pointe.  This class is designed to foster and prepare students to move toward a more intensive class structure of our prepointe level.  Students who show a high motivation and commitment are then invited to participate as a prepointe student if he or she so desires.  Students in this class will be invited to perform in our 2019 Spring production.


This class is typically designed as a  75 to 90 minute class that meets a minimum of three days per week for ages 6-14
This class is by invitation only or a student may request a placement exam.  This class focuses primarily on classical ballet technique but also
 includes tap, broadway jazz, hip hop, and social dance.   It is an intensive class focusing on technique for younger yet advanced students. Students who participated in our Beginner level coursework and who have shown a high motivation and commitment are ideal for this class wherein he or she will continue focused learning based on technique and the artistry of classical ballet.  Core strengthening is a routine part of this class along with advanced stretching exercises.   Most, but not all, students in this class have indicated an interest in preparing for pointe work  in the future. This class meets on Monday and Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and/or evenings - time varies.  Please inquire via email to as to the specific time availability for this class.   


This class runs for 90 minutes and teacher's approval is required. 
This class meets three to four times per week.  Classes take place on a Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.   This class may also include add on times for additional choreography sessions.  


This class meets upon request of our homeschool collaboratives.    This is a small group format focusing on the fundamentals of ballet and fitness.  Home school students are welcome to join our early afternoon class offerings as listed above.